ACCU-CHEK® Insulin Delivery Systems

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ACCU-CHEK Combo System

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CADMS references: R94675

Out of sight. In control.

ACCU-CHEK® and Bluetooth® technologies allow you to remotely control your pump, making insulin delivery easy, quick and discreet.

ACCU-CHEK Aviva Combo
3D viewVideo Demo

ACCU-CHEK Spirit Combo
3D view

CADMS references: R93564

Tuck away the ACCU-CHEK Spirit Combo insulin pump and you may not need to touch it all day

  • Bluetooth technology provides 2-way wireless communication to let you control your pump with your meter
  • Meter screen displays your current insulin pump screen
  • The Bolus Advice function:
    • Lets you use a current blood sugar reading to easily and quickly calculate and deliver a bolus with one device
    • Accounts for active insulin from previously delivered boluses to reduce the risk of accidental bolus stacking, which can lead to hypoglycemia
  • Programmable reminders make sure you take appropriate actions when needed
  • Full-color, on-screen graphs of blood sugar and bolus data help you track your progress anywhere

The ACCU-CHEK Spirit Combo insulin pump provides flexibility to match your lifestyle

  • Flexibility to adjust your basal rate to as low as 0.05 units/hour—in increments as precise as 0.01 units—if you require small amounts of basal insulin
  • Temporary Basal Rate function lets you quickly adjust basal rate delivery to match changing conditions (illness, exercise, stress, premenstrual, etc.)
  • Pump can operate independently of the meter, should the need arise
  • Large cartridge holds up to 315 units of insulin, which maximizes convenience as daily insulin needs change

The ACCU-CHEK Aviva Combo meter provides accurate blood sugar measuring

  • New red packaging. Same trusted accuracy.
  • Simple 1-time coding makes everyday testing easy, fast and convenient.
  • Clear display of blood sugar values in 5 seconds
  • Uses ACCU-CHEK Aviva Plus test strips, which offer advanced accuracy
  • The ACCU-CHEK Softclix lancing device uses the same technology as the ACCU-CHEK FastClix device, which has been proven least painful.1

On-the-go data management

  • Automatically stores 1,000 records—no PC or Internet required
  • Tables and full-color graphs display data from time periods ranging from 1 to 90 days to simplify identification of positive and negative trends

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1Ranked first most often versus leading competitors. Data on file.

Safety Features

Your ACCU-CHEK Combo system provides automatic safety features to help make sure you get the right amount of insulin at the right time.  

Some of these features include:

  • A Bolus Advice function that accounts for the amount of insulin that's already active in the body and calculates a bolus based on a variety of factors, including:
    • Your current blood sugar level
    • Your carb intake
    • And, when applicable, variables such as:
      • Exercise level
      • Stress
      • Illness
      • Premenstrual
  • Automatic occlusion detection that alerts you to a blockage in the infusion set so action can be taken to avoid high blood sugars
  • An on-screen Status Bar that immediately shows if blood sugar is in/out of range so you can respond quickly.
  • Warnings and error alerts* to prompt you to take action when necessary, including:
    • High/low and hyper/hypo blood sugar warnings
    • Insulin cartridge low error
    • Meter/pump battery low warning
  • Programmable reminders*, including those to:
    • Test after a meal
    • Test after high/low result
    • Change infusion set
  • A key lock feature that temporarily disables all keys on your meter and/or pump to prevent accidental activation of functions.

*Critical warnings, error alerts and reminders (e.g., battery low or test after meal) automatically turn on the meter so you can respond quickly; less-critical reminders (e.g., change infusion set) appear the next time you power the meter on.


ACCU-CHEK Spirit Combo Insulin Pump

  • Maximum Dimensions: (without Adapter) Approx. 3.2 x 2.2 x 0.8 inches (82.5 x 56 x 21 mm)
  • Weight:
    • Empty insulin pump: approx. 2.8 ounces (80 grams)
  • Insulin pump with battery, full plastic cartridge and infusion set: approx. 3.9 ounces (110 grams)
  • Pump Casing:
    • Shock- and scratch-resistant plastic
    • Resistant to pharmaceuticals
    • All edges rounded
  • Temperature Ranges:
    • During operation: 41°F–104°F (5°C–40°C)
    • Storage in shipping case: 41°F–113°F (5°C–45°C)
    • During transport: –4°F–122°F (–20°C–50°C)
  • Air Humidity (Relative Humidity):
    • During operation: 20%–90%
    • Storage in shipping case: 5%–85%
    • During transport: 5%–95%
  • Barometric Pressure:
    • During operation or storage in its shipping case: 70–106 kPA (700–1060 mbar) (do not exceed 3000 meters [10,000 feet] above sea level)
    • During transport: 50–106 kPA (500 to 1060 mbar)
  • Basal Rate: Min. = 0.05 U/h, Max. = 25 U/h. There are 24 hourly basal rates, adjustable in unit increments of 0.01 (up to 1.00 U/h), 0.05 (up to 10.0 U/h) and 0.1 (up to 25.0 U/h).
  • Bolus:
    • Max.: 25 insulin units
    • Quick Bolus: adjustable in unit increments of 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0
    • Standard Bolus, Extended Bolus and Multiwave Bolus: adjustable in fixed increments of 0.1 units
    • Duration of Extended Bolus and Multiwave Bolus: adjustable in intervals of 15 minutes (from 15 minutes up to 12 hours)
  • Temporary Basal Rate Adjustable in 10% increments, 0%–90% (decreases), 110%–500% (increases). The duration is adjustable in 15-minute intervals, up to a maximum of 12 hours. The last programmed duration is given by default for the next Temporary Basal Rate change programmed.
  • Maximum Pressure 400 kPa (4.0 bar), for plastic and Aventis Insuman® Infusat glass cartridges*** and infusion sets
  • Flow (Delivery Rate) During infusion-set priming and bolus: 0.2 U/sec.
  • Maximum Quantity Delivered at a Single-Fault Condition ≤ 1.0 U
  • Data Transfer Infrared interface
  • Water Tightness IPX 8—Protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water under standardized conditions (≤ 60 minutes and ≤ 2.5 meters [8 feet])
  • Power Supply One 1.5-volt AA Alkaline (LR6) or lithium (FR6) battery or One 1.2-volt rechargeable NiMH AA (HR6) battery. Batteries should have a minimum capacity of 2500 mAh. Use only a battery charger officially recommended by the battery manufacturer.
  • Lifetime of Battery If used in a typical usage pattern (50 U/day using U100 insulin; operating temperature 73°F ±4°F [23°C ±2°C]) the battery life is approximately: 
    • Alkaline 15 days 30 days
    • Lithium 25 days 50 days
    • NiMH 10 days 20 days
  • Data Storage Time The time and date are safely stored in the memory for about 1 hour after the battery has been removed. Other insulin pump settings (the hourly basal rates, remaining cartridge content, bolus increments and active user menu) and the event memory (bolus history, history of daily insulin totals, Temporary Basal Rate history, alarm history) are saved, regardless of battery voltage and the time your insulin pump has been without a battery.
  • Cartridges ACCU-CHEK® Spirit 3.15 mL cartridge system and ACCU-CHEK® 3.15 mL plastic cartridge with a luer-lock connection.
  • Infusion Sets ACCU-CHEK® infusion sets with a luer-lock connector. (ACCU-CHEK® infusion sets are PVC and latex free.)
  • Safety Systems Alert system, beeps, information on the display, vibrations, dual microprocessors. Your insulin pump is controlled by two microprocessors. The safety concept is based on one processor (supervisor processor) supervising the other (main processor). Whenever a defect or fault occurs in the main processor, it is identified by the supervisor processor. The motor is immediately switched off and an “Error E7: ELECTRONIC ERROR” occurs. Conversely, the main processor can also determine at any time whether the supervisor is working correctly. The motor also constitutes an important safety component, as the combination of the main and supervisor processor and brushless motor provides the best possible reliability and accuracy in insulin delivery.

ACCU-CHEK Aviva Combo Blood Glucose Monitor

  • Coding Simple 1-time coding makes everyday testing easy, fast and convenient
  • Display Color dot matrix
  • Automatic Power
    • Auto-on with correct strip insertion
    • Auto-off after removing strip (2 minutes)
    • Auto-off after 2 minutes if meter not used
  • Power Supply 3 AAA alkaline batteries
  • Battery Life Battery life depends on specific use (number of connections to the pump, data downloads, blood glucose tests, etc.)
  • System Operating Conditions See ACCU-CHEK® Aviva/Performa test strip package insert
  • Meter Storage Conditions –10°C to 50°C with batteries inserted
  • Relative Humidity Operating Range 10%–90%
  • Memory Capacity 1000 diary records
  • Dimensions 94 x 55 x 25 mm (3.7 x 2.1 x 1 in)
  • Weight Approx. 3.6 oz (103 grams) with batteries
  • Construction Handheld
  • Data Port Infrared (IR) window to download to information management solutions
  • Test Principle Electrochemical
  • Test Averages 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 days
  • Data Management
    • Logbook
    • Trend graph
    • Target Report
    • Standard Week
    • Standard Day
  • New Features
    • Remote control: Control ACCU-CHEK® Spirit Combo insulin pump via Bluetooth®wireless technology (RF)
    • Bolus advice:
      • Bolus calculator
      • Up to 5 Timeblocks that are associated with bolus advice
    • Reminders
      • Event-based reminders (after low blood glucose, after high blood glucose and after meal)
      • Alarm clock (up to 8 times—e.g., use to remind for blood glucose test)
      • Date reminders (e.g., doctor visit, lab visit, infusion change)
    • Entry for health events (e.g., exercise, stress, illness, etc.)
    • Customizable parameters
      • Vibrate and beep feature (one must be on at all times)
      • 12-hr vs. 24-hr clock
      • Keylock
      • Select carbohydrate units (g, KE, BE, CC)
      • Select language from a list loaded to the meter (holds up to 4)
      • Hyper and hypo warning limits (beep and/or vibrate)
      • Backlight—low, med, high
  • Blood Sample Volume 0.6 μL
  • Measuring Range 10–600 mg/dL (0.6–33.3 mmol/L)
  • Sample Types Capillary
  • Sample Dosing Capillary-fill function; suitable for AST
  • Storage Conditions 35°F–84°F (2°C–30°C)
  • Hematocrit Range 20%–70%
  • Quality Control 2 levels of ACCU-CHEK® Aviva control solution
  • Stability 18 months at room temperature


How to use

Owner' booklets

These ACCU-CHEK Combo Owner's Booklets give you step-by-step details about all the features of this blood glucose meter and insulin pump system.

Open an ACCU-CHEK Combo system Owner's Booklet:

  • ACCU-CHEK Aviva Combo meter—Getting Started
English | español
  • ACCU-CHEK Aviva Combo meter—Standard Owner's Booklet
English | español
  • ACCU-CHEK Aviva Combo meter—Advanced Owner's Booklet
English | español
  • ACCU-CHEK Spirit Combo insulin pump—User Guide
English | español

To view these Owner's Booklets and User Guides, you need Adobe Reader Version 3 or higher. If this is not already installed on your computer, you can download it free.

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader now.

Training Tool

Make the most of your new ACCU-CHEK Combo system by walking through this interactive Training Tool. We'll walk you through all the functions and special features of the blood glucose meter and insulin pump.
Launch Training Tool

Watch Now

Video Demo
Watch an overview of the ACCU-CHEK Combo system, as well as how to:

  • Control your insulin pump with your meter
  • Use bolus advice
  • Set basal rates
  • Use reminders
  • Manage data


CADMS references: R94562

Carrying Cases and Accessories

Click on thumbnail image for a larger view of the item.  Purchase online here.

Hard Plastic Clip Case
The Clip Case's rotating spring clip allows a 360-degree range of pump positions. Sturdy high-density plastic allows the pump to be easily seen and holds the pump securely.

ACCU-CHEK Insulin Pump Alcantara Soft Zip Case
Alcantara is a fabric that is soft to the touch, comfortable, durable and easy to maintain. This unique fabric is also air-permeable, anti-static and hypoallergenic. Integrated belt loop holds the pump securely on belt or waistband.  Click on the image to the left to view all available colors.

ACCU-CHEK Insulin Pump Neoprene Case
This protective case is made from Neoprene, the material used in wetsuits. Athletes and others who wear the pump in direct contact with their skin will appreciate this design. This case is worn horizontally on a belt and has Velcro closures. Click on the image to the left to see all available colors.

ACCU-CHEK Insulin Pump Bra/Pant Pouch
This bra/pant pouch has been specially designed to attach comfortably to the side straps of a bra.  You can also wear this pouch clipped to the inside of a pant or skirt waistband.  The soft cotton material ensures maximum comfort.

ACCU-CHEK Insulin Pump Belly Belt
Pump cases are often worn under clothing.  This long elastic waist belt makes this a snap.  Fully adjustable to fit any body type.  Comfortable fabric allows your skin to breathe beneath the belt strap.  Available in black or white.  One size fits most.
Thigh Carrying System - "Thigh Thing™" 
The Thigh Thing lets you wear any insulin pump under dresses, shorts or pants if you're tired of putting it in your bra, belt or underwear.  It's comfortable, and it's made of nylon/spandex, so it won't lose its shape.  One size fits most.


Correctly change insulin
cartridges on ACCU-CHEK
insulin pumps to avoid
E6 or E10 error message.
Find out more.


and ACCU-CHEK Tender II
infusion sets—potential
tubing detachment issue.
See what this means to you.

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